Natural Looking Botulinum Toxin

Natural Looking Botulinum Toxin

I’m the kind of person who takes great pride in looking healthy and natural. I was comfortable with the aging process. But on the cusp of 48, I started to notice that the vertical lines between my eyebrows were getting deeper. I went to see Dr. Chontirot. My friend said thatch possesses a keen artistic sense. After a brief consultation with her, I decided to have some Botox. The results were nothing short of amazing. Just as I had hoped, my furrows disappeared and my eyes looked larger. Best of all, I continued to be able to move my brow. My face was and is still very expressive. 

“Dr. Chotirot is extremely skilled at achieving a very natural and fresh look. I am always pleased with the results and have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you so much for your superb work. My Botox looks natural – the one thing I was so afraid of as an performing arts teacher. I feel like a new person!”

Expert said

Wrinkle Correction

The first signs of aging are often wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, cheeks, and lips. Many people feel wrinkles make them look tired or older. Botox works by stopping the muscle that it’s injected into from contracting, so it appears relaxed and smooth. Botox is effective at reducing at the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrinkles Prevention 

The study followed identical twins over a 13-year period. One twin received regular Botox treatments. The other twin did not. The twin who received preventative Botox treatments showed dramatically less frown lines, crows’s feet and forehead wrinkles than the twin who did not undergo preventative Botox treatments. This led researchers to conclude, ‘long-term treatment with Botox can prevent the development of imported facial lines that are visible at rest.

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