Needle Lipolysis

Needle Lipolysis


My way to lose stubborn fat 

     I have had problems getting rid of my belly fat. It seemed like no matter how much I trained, it just wouldn’t budge. I finally opted to try needle lipolysis and am very impressed so far. Injections in my stomach that are almost painless. I so far have had 4 treatments and including regular exercise, I have lost 10cm around my waist in a month. That’s pretty impressive by any standards. If anyone is thinking about this treatment look no further. The results speak for themselves. 

Expert said 

Stubborn fat deposits can stand in the way of your body shaping goals, and are often hard to eliminate through regular diet and exercise. Fortunately, surgery is no longer required to get rid of such bulges and fat spots treatments such as Mesotherapy can effectively aid in eliminating the fat in a safe, non – invasive manner. A Mesotherapy treatment involves injecting a blend of natural extracts and vitamins that promote fat reduction into specific areas of concern.

Unlike traditional liposuction, where the fat is actually suctioned out of the body, Mesotherapy simply breaks the bond that causes the fat to remain in a solid state. By doing so, the fat is converted to liquid that is then naturally drained from the body as waste.

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