Skin Rejuvenation Laser & Revival Peel

Skin Rejuvenation Laser & Revival Peel

I love to travel doing outdoor activities and meeting new friends. Each year, I spend half of my time travelling aboard following my dreams and passions. I love skiing, and do it as much as I can until the winter ends. After years of skin practice I noticed my skin has more and more wrinkles and spots.

  My first visit to Revival Clinic, Dr. Fah found some serious sigh of sun damaged skin such as deep freckles, permanent wrinkles and dilated pores. She recommended me to do the signature revival peel and laser rejuvenation to correct and protect my skin from sun expose.

  My skin looked bright and smooth the first time I tried it, even the permanent wrinkles have decreased which is amazing! With new technology for skin at Revival Clinic, now I can just live my life and let Dr. Fah take care of the rest 🙂 

“Thank you Dr. Chontirot my skin looks much healthier ! My skin has become smoother and more bright. Now I can do outdoor activities that I love without worrying that my face will be harmed. Revival clinic is where my passion and my healthy skin meet.”

Expert said

Skin Rejuvenation laser

Its the weapon of choice when dealing with pigmentation issues because it targets melanin in the skin. Melanin increases from chronic sun exposure, as do the freckles that result from it. With just a few treatments (three to five) of laser, dark spots can improve dramatically. After about two to three treatments, the results will be noticeable, but many patients notice a difference after the first treatment.

Revival Peel

Revival Peel is a great antidote to summer sun damage. Chemical exfoliation encourages your skin to purge the dead and damaged cells. By replacing dull and lacklustre cells with new, robust, and vibrant skin cells, your skin’s health as well as appearance are improved.

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