Vitamin Drip

Vitamin Drip


 I’m a wife, a mom and a boss. Each role is a big challenge of my life. Taking care of both family and business requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus.My work is my passion, both Blue Parrot Restaurant and Revolucion’s cocktail club. I put my all energy in this to give the best to our customer and the result is great.

   I’m here because I enjoy good health and I am proactive at looking after my wellness and I find that the Vitamin drip makes my body feel good and gives me a boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

   These IV treatments have become a vital source of healing energy for me. They never fault replenish, refresh, and reinvigorate my body and mind. I highly recommend this, especially for busy professionals looking to recharge.

“Dr. Chontirot is very kind and very professional. The drips only take 30 minutes and I feel great after!! I highly recommend Dr. Chontirot and her vitamin drip for Revival clinic.”

Expert said

Proactive for better health

  IV infusion therapy is a method of delivering a high concentration of nutrients directly into the bloodstream to address nutritional deficiency and optimising health. This process bypasses the digestive system and allows a faster and higher level of absorption with an immediate therapeutic effect.

  IV infusion therapy can be used proactively to help manage chronic health conditions and to optimize health. The benefits are usually experienced instantly by most people.

A celebrities’s choice

  From Rihanna to Khloé Kardashian, many celebs favour intravenous drips over regular vitamin supplements. Vitamin drip treatments have been popular in Hollywood. When celebrities need a quick boost of energy before a big event.

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