Non-Surgical Body Reshaping

Non-Surgical Body Reshaping

 I am the kind of person who likes challenges both at work and other activities. When I do something , I will always give my best. 

 ‘Work hard Play hard’ is my motto and yoga is my passion. It maintains the balance of life and work, as well as keeps me healthy and strong. I am the type of person who pays attention to health and body but no matter how much I workout, I still have stubborn fat in the areas where it is hard to reduce. My friend recommended me to see Dr. Fah at Revival Clinic She reduced my fat without surgery or pain and I feel fantastic!

“Thank you so much Dr. Fah for your best care to my body, 

giving me the answer that I have been looking for a long time in an effective and secure way. 

You are the best doctor that I trusted”.

Expert said

 The quest for the ideal body has been a long time mission; I was frustrated with exercise and diet which often required obsessive effort. 

 The use of ultralift for fat loss is a relatively recent development. Ultralift has traditionally been used in medical aesthetics for several years, primarily to tighten and lift the SMAS layer of the face. It has been indicated that this technique, which uses focused ultrasound to create deep areas of coagulative necrosis in the subcutaneous layer, results in volume reduction and tightening on the excessive fat area, make the stubborn fat go away after only one session.

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