Natural Killer(NK) Cell Test

Natural Killer(NK) Cell Test

Are you at risk for cancer today?

Natural Killer Cells : NK Cells

 Military forces in the non-specific immune system of the body include the NK cells, which are a type of lymphocyte. These cells are considered the key to the immune system like a frontier in the fight against dangerous foreign cells.

 At normal times in the body, there will be approximately 2,000-5,000 million NK Cells. When there are foreign cells invading, NK Cells will immediately recognize and be like a military that protects ready to move in to confront those foreign cells within 24 hours as soon as they move in.

 1) NK Cells deal with foreign cells. By creating a chain reaction which directly kills foreign cells (we call it cytotoxicity – “cyto” is a cell and “toxicity” is killing).

 2) NK Cells will work with the release of protein in the bloodstream called cytokines (“cyto” is a cell and “kine” is movement) Cytokine is a messenger that calls other cells in the immune system to help NK Cells kill foreign cells (or help prevent tumor growth).

“In the human body there are more than 5,000 abnormal cells, such as cancer cells that grow and die every day. NK Cell is the only cell that can recognize and attack various cancer cells. Which will inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent recurrence. “

NK Cell Function 

 The function of NK Cell, also known as NK Cell Activity, is a measure of the body’s ability to fight harmful foreign cells. Including helping doctors evaluate the strength of your immune system in the fight against infection or cancer cells. NK Cell Activity is a value that reflects a number of factors and diseases. For example, in people with high stress, insomnia or poor nutritional status, they will have low NK Cell Activity values and especially in elderly patients. Having low NK Cell Activity values ​​will result in higher risk, from infectious diseases and other diseases.

NK Cell Activity And Cancer 

NK Cell Activity tends to be low in people who are healthy but have a history of family cancer before. And the fact that low NK Cell Activity values are a major risk factor to various cancers, this theory has been confirmed by research done in more than 3,000 people over a period of 11 years and low NK Cell Activity values also predict the risk of cancer.

Over the past decades there is a lot of research,  which indicates very low NK cell activity for cancer patients with different types.

NK cell activity has been shown to be lower in patients with the following kinds of cancer :

  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Colon
  • Lung
  • Ovarian
  • Stomach
  • Pancreatic
  • Testicular
  • Liver
  • Skin
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma   
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Tumors of the head and neck

Immunity NK Test

Immunity NK Test is the first blood test technology in vitro. Which can measure the number of IFN-gramma secreted by NK Cell after stimulation. This value will help assess the ability of the innate immune system to be non-specific. In the prevention of viral infections and against cancer cells.

The function of NK Cell is like the first stage of prevention, by anti-viral reception including new cancer cells and responsible for destroying cancer cells.

  • The MFDS ( Ministry of Food and Drug Safety ) October, 2012 (12-1357)
  • Novel Health Technology after being evaluated by NECA (National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency)

Interpretation of the Immunity NK Test  


NK Cell Activity from 500 or more is in the body with a very strong immune system. NK Cell in the body is ready to attack foreign cells. Cell necrosis not to come to hurt the body easily.


NK Cell Activity value from 250 – 500, classified as normal which should maintain balance in life exercise regularly and receive food with immunity-boosting foods.


The NK Cell Activity value is below 250, which is lower than normal. Which should not be rested, should turn to take care of Nk Cell, your first military outpost urgently before the germs, Cell necrosis, Foreign cells will invade your body.

Who is this test for ?

  • Healthy people who want to monitor the origin of immune function that is not specific to their own.
  • People with frequent infections.
  • People who have been exposed to hormones or environmental pollution for a long time.
  • People with chronic fatigue conditions.
  • People with a history of heavy smoking.
  • People with family members have a history of cancer.

Highly Active NK Cell Therapy

“Highly Active NK Cell Therapy” which is the exclusive copyright [OSAKI Method] in Japan by research and development of Dr. Junichi Masuyama , M.D., Ph.D. – Board of Immunology (Boston University) and DR. Sanehiko Fujita, M.D., Ph.D. – Board of Gastroenterology, Board of Hepatology – Nipon University, Japan. Which has direct experience in treating various types of cancer patients the most in Japan.

 With the availability of Clean Room Class 100 quality labs that have passed international standards with a doctoral degree. Therefore, being entrusted with this special technology transfer. 

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