Aftercare Perfectra Laser

Aftercare Perfectra Laser

Self-care after laser

Wound care after laser cutting, polyps are very important.

To make the wound disappear in fast and smooth way. No side effects such as infection, wound heal slowly, black marks after laser treatment.

With the following steps:

  1. 24 hours after laser treatment put the plaster on and don’t open the wound.
  2. Gently wipe around the wound with cotton buds moistened with saline and apply medicine daily 1-2 times a day.
  3. Cover the wound with waterproof plaster. Do not expose the wound to water until the flakes are full, it takes 5-7 days.
  4. When the wound fully covered with scabs no need to close the wound but do not scratch or pick the scabs.  Apply sunscreen or moisturiser regularly. Use soap as usual, but must be formulated for sensitive skin to prevent skin irritation.
  5. After the wound gets better you can do your make up as usual.
  6. Avoid sunlight 2-4 weeks after laser treatment.
  7. Avoid smoking before and after laser treatment, will help the wound heal faster.

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